I’ve been Old Schooled !!!

First of all i want to say thanks to Wayne @ Buff Daddy’s !!I have a 2015 Audi that needed some attention very

badly. My exterior was Ceramic Coated and I was not too pleased with the work done on it , I paid $800 for something that i thought was going to be the next big thing ;boy was I wrong . The shop that applied my Coatings claimed to be trained on applying the product ,so the job went ahead needless to say i wasn’t happy at all and i did complain but was told that they only charged me for a SINGLE STAGE CORRECTION I had enough and walk away;no way were they going to touch my car again. I went to 6 yes SIX well advertised detailing shops in Oakville and one in Burlington who basically said … sorry cant help you there you have to go back to the installer.

I was told about Buff Daddy and I laughed !! i went to see him and was i taken to school on Ceramic Toy Coatings as he calls them lol. Wayne refuses to apply ceramic coating as he does not believe in them. The man offered to take it off and do a proper correction on the paint which by the way was full of scratches and orange peel from a previous repaint by the original owner.Buff Daddy’s wet sanded my entire car and compounded and polished it ….it looked like it was just painted ; I was overwhelmed when i picked it up . I will never put that crap on my cars again!!!

The Cost that’s between me and him ;and i had money to take my family out ……Well done Buffy

When you see this man and hear his story you will know whys he’s worth visiting a true gentleman who survived major open heart Surgery¬† and does his best for everyone !!!

Terry Grogan



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