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At Buff Daddy's Olde School Auto Detailing, we understand that your vehicle is the second most expensive purchase you will make, it only makes sense to maintain it's appearance and integrity!.

Our Olde school approach to Automotive Detailing ensures the quality of work done to your vehicle is top notch ( no short cuts). Our staff have been trained to use only the best automotive car care products in the industry, our products are environmental safe but second to none.

At Buff Daddy's our services range from your basic car wash, Interior clean ups, exterior polishing, scratch removal and many more

At Buff Daddy's we will polish the love back into your Ride!.

Polishing & Swirl Mark Removal

Buff Daddy’s has over 30 years of paint restoration and correction . We are very proud to work with Body […]



Nobel Prize Winner This extremely thin substance has been described as the ‘miracle material’ as it is the thinnest, lightest […]


Wet Sanding & paint Correction

When Do I need Paint correction !! Paint Correction is a term that is now commonly used by professional Car […]


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