Nobel Prize Winner

This extremely thin substance has been described as the ‘miracle material’ as it is the thinnest, lightest material known to man.

100X stronger than steel. Graphene is also the best thermal and electrical conductor ever to be discovered.

Graphene is also flexible ;being able to stretch beyond 25% of its actual size. Its both heat and chemical resistant and water tight making it a revolutionary material.

Graphene can withstand and also reduce extreme heat. This along with it’s high water contact angle (125 degrees ),

a measure of ‘wettability’ of solid, reduces the likelihood of water spots appearing ;due to Graphene honeycomb structure prevents water from sticking to the surface and, instead, helps water run off easily.

Diamond like strength!!!

Besides being One atom thick state ,Graphene does NOT tear due to its outstanding tensile strength . This diamond-like strength enhances the strength of other materials, for instance Graphene has a high abrasion resistance that will protect your paint work from fine marks and swirl marks. Its strength also makes it a barrier; since no chemical or material can penetrate its structure.

As a coating ,it is very good for slowing down and getting rid of corrosion on metal surfaces;  water molecules cannot penetrate into this coating . hence water molecules cannot penetrate the coating , Graphene provides the perfect anti-corrosion protection for your vehicle / watercraft or off road bikes.


Advantages of Graphene :


Easy Self cleaning

Enriches colour Depth

Safe on Glass/Rims/Plastic Moldings

5 year durability

BACKED BY SCIENCE / Nobel Prize winner ,Stronger than Ceramic Coating

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Higher angle of water deflection ( reduces WATER SPOTTING )