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Buff Daddy’s Olde School Detailing is a meticulous detailing service focused on automotive interior and exterior detailing perfection .

Graphene : the next generation of exterior paint protection ….. 5 Year Protection !!!

Super hydrophobic properties ,High water contact angle ( more water beading)

Reduces water spots

Anti-static properties

Highly flexible (less chipping or cracking)

Unbeatable tensile strength

longer durability than ceramic

Nobel Prize winner ( science that works !)

All Graphene applications consist of   3 layers of Graphene

All vehicles or water craft will under go a rotary 3 Stage compounding and polishing followed by fine finishing .

what gets coated ?

All rims( inner tubs included)

All brake calipers

All Glass work

All exterior plastics and moldings

That’s protection !!






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